Silver Price Continues to Outshine Gold

September 10, 2020

London (Sept 10)  There has been a lot of press focused on gold with this economic downturn. While gold certainly has its merits, the other metal many are forgetting to discuss is silver. Silver stocks continue to outperform the market and have also given gold a run for its money.

As you’ll see below, during the last three months, silver caught right up to the Canadian market performance and to gold as well. But in the last little while, silver outpaced both. In fact, during the most recent downturn, silver outperformed both gold and the Canadian market. In fact, since the crash, silver has rebounded by almost 125%, while gold is only up 33%. Looking at a year return, gold gave investors 27% as of writing, while silver is at a whopping 48%.

The reason? Silver isn’t just used for products; it’s used for a wide range of industries. The stock provides investors with an incredibly safe place to hold their cash until the market cools down. The best news is that many of these companies offer fairly cheap stock prices, especially compared to gold and streaming companies.


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