Silver the Resilient Commodity Ready for a Big Comeback

July 9, 2013

John Paul Whitefoot writes: For many investors, 2013 was supposed to be the year that silver regained its luster. Most economists thought silver would climb as a hedge against inflation and be a devalued dollar on the heels of continued economic turmoil. Or, assuming the economic rebound was in full swing, it would grow due to industrial demand for everything from solar panels to electronics, batteries to the automotive industry.

Strangely, none of that happened. Silver benefits by being both a precious metal and an industrial metal. As an industrial metal, investors need to actually see enough economic growth before they can ride that bandwagon. As a precious metal, silver is being taken along for the ride by investors fleeing gold.

In fact, silver is being treated more like a precious metal than an industrial one these days. The following chart shows that silver, over a 50-day period, shares a 0.98 correlation coefficient with gold (a 1.00 result would mean the two move in perfect step with each other).

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