There Goes Gold ...

December 16, 2014

And now gold is getting in the mix. In morning trade on Tuesday, amid what has been a turbulent day in global markets, the price of gold was tumbling.

Near 11:00 am ET, gold was down around $1,188 an ounce, about $30 an ounce lower than it was earlier this morning.

Among the other big decliners on Tuesday as the Russian ruble, collapsing for the second day in a row to as low as 79 against the dollar. This latest collapse in the ruble comes after the Russian central bank last night unexpectedly raised interest rates 6.5%.

Oil was also tumbling, with WTI crude falling below $54 a barrel and Brent crude falling below $59.

And so gold's tumble was on a bit of a delay relative to some other volatile assets, but better late than never.

Source: BusinessInsider

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