US Dollar Advances Against Most Majors

August 5, 2014

Canbera-Australia (Aug 5)   The US dollar climbed against most major currencies in European deals on Tuesday.

The greenback advanced to 4-day highs of 0.9095 against the franc, 1.3384 against the euro and 1.0941 against the loonie, off early lows of 0.9064, 1.3424 and 1.0903, respectively.

The greenback rose back to 0.9319 against the aussie and 0.8512 against the kiwi, reversing from its prior 6-day low of 0.9342 and 4-day low of 0.8530, respectively.

The greenback bounced off to 102.69 against the yen from an early low of 102.45.

The greenback is likely to find resistance around 103.5 against the yen, 0.915 against the franc, 1.33 against the euro, 1.10 against the loonie, 0.925 against the aussie and 0.845 against the kiwi.

Source: Ise.UK

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