US Dollar Being Destroyed At The St. Petersburg International Economics Forum!

May 25, 2014

London (may 25)   The US dollar is being destroyed at Russia’s St. Petersburg International Economics Forum. Putin has it in for the United States and Obama. Obama has been outsmarted by Putin.

The US government warned some American chief executives not to go. However, the US was ignored. The heads of BP, Shell, Exxon, Phillips, and Caterpillar have all gone to the Forum.

Putin is a sly old fox. He pledged to reduce western imports by investing in local Russian producers.

He slammed the use of sanctions against Russia businesses, and warned the sanctions could have a boomerang effect.

The high level of attendance, despite Washington’s pressure, indicates fading US power. Thus, the dollar is being destroyed at the International Forum.

Official delegations from 62 countries, and the CEOs of 146 of the major companies in the world were in attendance.

It is similar to all one’s friends going to your high school prom while you stayed at home alone…with everyone talking behind your back.

The ailing US dollar will be more at risk, because the power of the US has been diminished by the response of other companies in the world.

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