US Dollar snaps below 105.00 ahead of key CPI data

May 15, 2024

NEW YORK (May 15) The US Dollar (USD) eases on Wednesday and falls below 105.00 ahead of the highly anticipated US Consumer Price Index (CPI) release for April. Overnight, US Federal Reserve  (Fed) Chairman Jerome Powell delivered a speech which seemed to prepare markets for the chance that the initial interest rate cut would only come after the summer or even later.

Markets ignored these comments and likely focused solely on the revisions in the Producer Price Index (PPI) numbers, which were all to the downside. Additionally, news that the Chinese government is forming a rescue package to bail out its plagued real estate sector made headlines on Wednesday, seems to put much more pressure on the US Dollar Index (DXY). 

On the economic front, the CPI release will take up most of the attention, though Retail Sales data for April are to be released at the same time. So traders can expect volatility to pick up, and should both numbers be mixed or oppose one another, choppy price action is to be expected. Traders can afterwards hear from Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis President Neel Kashkari and Federal Reserve Governor Michelle Bowman for any guidance on how to read the inflation release. 

Daily digest market movers: Mayhem expected at 12:30 GMT

  • At 11:00 GMT, the Mortgage Bankers Association will release its Mortgage Applications index for the week ending May 10. The index increased by 2.6% the previous week.
  • At 12:30 GMT, the US economic calendar will include the US CPI and the Retail Sales data for April:
    • April CPI numbers:
      • Monthly Headline CPI is expected to increase at the same pace as the March reading of 0.4%.
      • Yearly Headline CPI is expected to rise 3.4%  from 3.5% in March.
      • Monthly core CPI is expected to rise by 0.3% in April from 0.4% the previous month.
      • Yearly core CPI is expected to rise 3.6%  from 3.8% in March.
    • April Retail Sales:
      • Monthly Retail Sales are expected to rise 0.4% in April from 0.7% in March.
      • Retail Sales, excluding cars and transportation, are expected to increase by 0.2% from 1.1% the previous month.
      • Note that the revisions could be more market-movers than the actual numbers. 
  • At 14:00 GMT, the National Association of Home Builders Housing Market Index for May will be released, and is expected to remain stable at 51.
  • Business Inventories for March are also to be released at 14:00 GMT and are expected to head to -0.1% from 0.4%.
  • Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis President Neel Kashkari will speak at 16:00 GMT. He is a non-voter for this year.
  • Federal Reserve Governor Michelle Bowman will take the stage around 19:20 GMT. 
  • The Qatar World Economic Forum started on Tuesday morning. Headlines from world leaders may come out throughout the week.
  • Equities in the US outperformed on Tuesday night at the closing bell, though are trading flat ahead of the start of the US session. European equities are mildly in the green. 
  • The CME Fedwatch Tool suggests a 91.3% probability that June will still see no change to the Federal Reserve's fed fund rate. Odds of a rate cut in July are also out of the cards, while for September the tool shows a 49.7% chance that rates will be 25 basis points lower than current levels.
  • The benchmark 10-year US Treasury Note trades around 4.42%, the lowest level for this week.


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