US job numbers beat expectations

March 7, 2014

Washington (Mar 7)  Markets react to US employment figures. In market reaction to the US jobs data, the dollar has hit a six-week high against the yen and the spot gold price fell 1.1%. Reuters reports that 10-year US Treasuries’ yield premium over German bunds is at its highest since mid-2006.

The figures are particularly positive because many commentators thought bad weather might have hit job creation at least in the short term.

1.41pm GMT -- US job creation beats expectations

US nonfarm payroll figures have come in better than expected. Employers added 175,000 jobs last month compared with market forecasts for a 149,000 increase.

The unemployment rate edged up to 6.7% from 6.6%.

Non-farm payrolls expected to have created 150k jobs in February - I will be surprised with that weather! Pointless data subject to revision.

Source: The Guardian

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