US Mint Bullion Coin Sales Soar in First Half of 2013

July 6, 2013

NEW YORK (July 6) Even as gold and silver marked double-digit declines through the first half of 2013, demand soared for United States Mint bullion coins.

Compared to the first six months in 2012, sales this year of American Eagle gold bullion coins almost doubled. More pointed, the mid-year total ranks fifth highest in the Gold Eagle’s 26-year history. American Eagle silver bullion coins are trouncing last year’s totals, on track for a record year.

As for June itself, both series of coins logged strong sales even though summer months tend to be historically slower for bullion.

2013 American Eagle Silver Bullion Coin Sales

June sales of American Eagle silver coins reached 3,275,000. It was the weakest monthly total this year, but in perspective, only one month last year scored higher. Introduced and released annually since 1986, there is just a single June month that performed better, June 2011 when sales totaled 3,402,000. Last month ranks 17th all-time, an exceptional feat given 319 months have passed since the series debuted.

Sales through the first half of 2013 hit 25,043,500. This year is standing atop all others. The annual sales record for the 99.9% pure silver coins happened in 2011 at 39,868,500. Then, it took until July 29, 2011 for sales to surpass 25 million coins. Last year the level was not reached until September 20, 2012.

As a side note, unprecedented demand has trimmed supply of the bullion coins. Since mid-January, the U.S. Mint has allocated or rationed how many Silver Eagles it sales to its distributors.

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