US Mint Sales: Proof Sets and Bullion Coins Quicken

August 29, 2013

WASHINGTON (Aug 9)   Proof sets took center stage in the latest United States Mint sales report, grabbing the baton from numismatic gold and silver coins which surged with broad gains in the prior report.

Numismatic precious metal coins weren’t thrown overboard. There were a fair number of them with stronger sales. And actually on the bullion side, demand climbed sharply for gold and silver versions. (Jump down further to read about their sales.)

But on the numismatic front, eyes turned to wider-ranged proof set increases. Shining the brightest was the clad 2013 Proof Set with sales hurdling over 500,000. It took them a few days shy of five months to reach the milestone.

A 100,000 per month average is impressive, more so if it can be maintained. Still, the pace is a tad slower than last year’s clad Proof Set which hit 534,688 in sales during the same stretch of time. Those are commanding a premium these days after selling out in January at 789,782, the lowest total since the set from 1956.

Like last year’s set at its almost five-month sales point and in the midst of the dog days of summer, 2013 Proof Sets were the Mint’s second most ordered product of the week. Also like last year, they fell behind proof Silver Eagles.


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