US Silver Coin Sales Hit All Time Highs In 2013

November 19, 2013

New York  (Nov 19)  The demand for physical silver has been very strong this year despite the wild fluctuation in the prices. The latest data from the US mint suggests that a new record has been set for sales of American Silver Eagle bullion coins. The sales of silver coins have hit a all time high mark of 40536 ounces from January 1st to November 18th this year. This is up nearly 20% compared to the total for the whole year in 2012. Silver sales in India have been excellent too.

According to the GFMS metals consultancy, India imported 4,073 tonnes of silver from January to August, more than double the 1,921 tonnes in the whole of 2012. The record high was 5,048 tonnes in 2008 and given the surge in the overall precious metals imports in October, it is likely that the silver imports from India would be around that mark this year as well.

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