Current Price of Silver Chart

Current Price of Silver Chart

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17 hours ago
Mumbai-India (Sept 18)  Gold demand in India, the world’s second-biggest gold-consuming nation, picked up in August but may be... Read More
17 hours ago
New York (Sept 18)  On August the 24th, 2018, we published Gold News Monitor in which we wondered whether inflation has peaked. Now,... Read More
17 hours ago
London (Sept 18)  The set-up to today's markets is well understood and has been widely documented. Emerging markets have grown... Read More

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Recent downside pricing pressure on Technology and FANG stocks have kept investors wary of jumping back into the market while we wait to see where the bottom may form.  Concerns about long-term pricing pressures, US trade wars and the continued Congressional...

If you rely on the mainstream financial press for your information then you could be forgiven for believing that financial crises happen with no warning. However, there are always warnings if you know where to look.

A drop in silver prices this year has attracted investors seeking a bargain, prompting a temporary sellout of the 2018 American Silver Eagle bullion coins at the U.S. Mint this month.

Just in time for what appears to be a potentially massive market price rotation, our researchers have put together this post to highlight what we believe will become a surprise price correction in the US Equities markets.  Our team of researchers believes the...

There can be little question that there has been a literal explosion in awareness and public commentary focusing on the Commitments of Traders (COT) Report and the analysis of silver and gold (and other markets) in accordance with futures market positioning.

This week, I am going to bring back the list of reasons that have been paraded before you over the last three-plus years as to why the stock market rally is over: Brexit – NOPE. Frexit – NOPE. Grexit - NOPE. 

The US stock market continues to rise because it is increasingly dominated by shrinking "availability & supply", All three stock "Pools" are shrinking in a stealth & unappreciated fashion, ere is an increasing potential for a "Minsky Melt-Up" based on an...

All through the summer NFTRH had a “top-test” view on the primary US stock index, the S&P 500. We were 100% right on that; SPX spent all summer grinding upward to that test.

Current investing model favors equities, therefore, investors should remain overweighed with stocks or stock ETFs for maximum growth. Ignore short-term market volatility and noises.

One of the big recent changes in American life is the ongoing mass-migration from the middle of the country to the coasts, especially those of the Southeastern and Gulf States. Florida and the Carolinas, along with Houston and surrounding Texas counties, have gained...

Scanning the Indicators - Each morning I scan a wide range of technical indicators covering the major exchanges in the US, Canada and the UK. As the markets ebb and flow, a range of bullish and bearish technical indicators provide valuable data for investors...

The painful nine month bear market that began when Bitcoin topped in the mid $19,000’s is now the second longest bear market in crypto history; second in rank to one that began after the Mt. Gox sent Bitcoin down nearly 90% in 18 long months.

– Brexit in conjunction with severe price unaffordability, rising interest rates and global economic uncertainty is leading to sharp price falls in London home prices

You may have noticed the platinum price has fallen well below gold’s price and it continues to underperform the other precious metals. What is happening in the platinum market? We see a handful of factors driving the recent declines in platinum. For starters, it is...

While the precious metals are totally off the radar by the majority of investors, silver is setting up for one major bull market.  Yes, it’s hard to believe as the gold and silver prices have been trending lower while the broader markets grind up higher, but if we...

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Indian gold demand muted at festival, buyers hope for lower prices