Current Price of Silver Chart

Current Price of Silver Chart

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Frankfurt (May 27)  Gold prices on Comex recovered partial losses, although remains in red during the European session, largely as the... Read More
3 hours ago
London (May 27)   Gold recovered some lost ground on Wednesday as the dollar retreated after its biggest daily rise in two years... Read More
3 hours ago
Beijing-China (May 27)  Over the last several years, there have been many stories about the rising Chinese economy and an increasing... Read More

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"The top 25 hedge fund managers made more than all the kindergarten teachers in the country," declared President Obama in a discussion of poverty at Georgetown University. Calling them “society’s lottery winners,” he proposed to hike their taxes.

Many experts and analysts believe a June rate hike seems very unlikely, but last Friday, Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen hinted that one might happen as soon as the end of this year:

At the beginning of every quarter Wall Street places its overly optimistic GDP forecasts on parade. And by the end of the quarter, those same carnival barkers line up a myriad of excuses as to why the numbers fell short. Port strikes, a stronger dollar and snowier...

"The time had come, as in all periods of speculation, when men sought not to be persuaded by the reality of things but to find excuses for escaping into the new world of fantasy." – John Kenneth Galbraith, The Great Crash of 1929 via Hussman's Weekly Market Comment...

When the next big economic disaster hits, Washington will almost certainly choose to do something: cut taxes, increase spending, lower interest rates. There is another option, of course: do nothing. No fiscal or monetary stimulus. Let the fire burn the rot of excess...

I have been warning for some time that government was eyeing up pensions. The amount in private pension funds is about $19.4 trillion. The question that has been debated in secret behind the curtain is how to justify to the people taking that over. I have been...

Bill Bonner wrote a hypothetical college graduation speech which he did not present. What he would have said included: “You are heirs to claptrap, nonsense, bogus theories, and trillions of dollars in debt.

Recently, I thought it would be fun to upgrade the turbo charger on my old car. No real good reason, other than it would be free (it was given to me) and interesting. It’s a very light car that feels like a little rocket (when it works)--a guilty pleasure.

Silver is on major sell signal since 2011. Short term is on buy signal. A bear market bounce is at completion and expect lower prices ahead. Caution is advised.

It is interesting to note that when the Dollar peaked in March, silver bottomed and began moving higher. The inverse relationship between the two is certainly not perfect…but this past week, as the Dollar moved higher once more, silver retreated from its overhead...

Last time I wrote, I was looking for a top in the stock market early last week near 2130-35 SPX and a 5% drop in silver. We got a 4.5% drop in silver and the stock market topped on Wednesday. Tuesday, May 26, I’m looking for a big drop in silver, perhaps as much as...

The good news is: Most of the major indices closed at all time highs at some time in the past week. The negatives: Considering the major indices are very near their all time highs, 52 week new highs of the individual issues are anemic.

Current investing model favors bonds over equities, therefore, investors should overweigh their portfolios with bonds over stocks for safety. Cash is also a position for those who are un-invested or under invested until this model favors equities again.

We are all prone to bias. If you are in sales with a big base metals mining firm, Fed easymoney policies will drive up copper or zinc. If you are with a big gold miner, it will drive up precious metal prices. If you are with a big oil company, Fed recklessness will...

The rule of law subjects the State to a fixed set of rules that limits the scope of its coercive powers. Individuals and their property are protected from the arbitrary, ad hoc actions of the State and other individuals.

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The melting point for silver is 961.93 °C - 1235.08 °K