Current Price of Silver Chart

Current Price of Silver Chart

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Singapore (July 5)  A decade after China kicked off a series of gold market reforms, plans to establish a yuan price fix mark one... Read More
8 hours ago
Zurich-Switzerland (July 5)  Summary•Swiss gold flows for May continue to show gold moving from West to East.
•Data also shows that... Read More
8 hours ago
Beijing (July 5)  China's stock markets may be facing a make-or-break week after officials rolled out an unprecedented series of steps... Read More

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Silver’s cheerleaders are trying to keep their flocks happy by talking it up as usual, but the hard reality is that silver’s charts continue to look awful, and like it is readying for another sharp drop, which fits with our view that the dollar is getting ready for...

Everyone is going to have to cut me a little slack on the eve of the celebration of the American independence. No, this isn’t about that video that came out a few days ago that demonstrated exactly how ignorant Americans are about the significance of tomorrow or...

With a vote and subsequent negotiations in Greece, how concerned should investors be? What is contagion and why should we care? How can we monitor risks in Europe over the next few weeks?

The good news is: The market is very oversold and due for a bounce. The negatives: The market appears to have run out of time.

Silver is on major sell signal since 2011. Short term is on sell signal. COT data is becoming favorable and can see a tradable bottom in silver soon.

Current investing model favors bonds over equities, therefore, investors should overweigh their portfolios with bonds over stocks for safety. Cash is also a position for those who are un-invested or under invested until this model favors equities again.

China has torn up the precious metals world of stats since 2008, with its accumulation of gold to dethrone the USD as the favoured currency for settling contracts in the burgeoning new world and era of Asia.

Global silver jewelry demand posted a record high last year, and silverware offtake rose to its highest level since 2006, according to the World Silver Survey 2015, released this May by the Silver Institute. Silver increased its popularity in the jewelry and...

This is a short story. It has a purpose. Bear with me. A long time ago and far, far away there was a village that was occasionally raided by outlaws who took food, jewels, and women. The villagers were understandably angry but could do little to protect themselves...

For the unprepared, it happens like a mugging…When you hear a central banker or politician deny that something is going to happen to bank depositors, you can almost be certain that it will happen. And probably soon. Coming from a government official, the real...

In our opinion, speculative short positions are favored (with stop-loss at 2,140, and profit target at 1,980, S&P500 index). Our intraday outlook is bearish, and our short-term outlook is bearish:

This coming Sunday Greece will hold its referendum. The question to be asked is not, as the foreign press initially reported it, about leaving the euro. It is about accepting or rejecting the troika's bail-out terms.

Inflation expectations bottomed in January of this year, or, to put it another way, deflation expectations peaked in January of this year. The question is: did the January reversal mark a 1-2 quarter shift or a much longer-term shift? We think it will prove to be...

A decade ago, Spain was a basket case. It had built up massive debt, and it was falling into a Depression. Today, Greece is in a similar situation, although the details are different. A good part (certainly not most) of the travails of both countries can be traced...

The federal government can’t seem to help itself. After overseeing the inflating and bursting of the dot-com bubble in the 1990s and the subprime mortgage bubble in the 2000s, the United States government is at it again – this time in the area of student loans.

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Silver has the highest electrical conductivity and heat of all metals.