Investors Weekly Update

September 24, 2016

Our equity/bond model - This long-term reliable investing model provides investors with simple decision making in the markets:

-When the model favors stocks, investors should overweigh in equities for maximum growth.

-When the model favors bonds, investors should overweigh in bonds for safety.

Our benchmark S&P500 is now neutral, waiting for a buy signal to confirm.

Oil sector is on a major buy signal.

Investors can continue to accumulate oil stocks/ETFs by cost averaging and hold for the long term.


Current investing model continues to favor bonds over equities, therefore, investors should continue to overweigh their portfolios with bonds over stocks for safety and better return.


We do not offer predictions or forecasts for the markets. What you see here is our simple investing model which provides us with simple investing decision making. Entry points and stops are provided in real time to subscribers, therefore, this update may not reflect our current positions in the markets.

Jack Chan began investing in 1976, and became an active trader in 1998 using technical analysis. He began sharing my trading model with a few like-minded fellow traders in 2001, and the circle began to grow. The teaching and mentoring became a full time job, and by late 2003, he had to leave the family business and launched his advisory service in early 2004. Visit his website at

Man has had the ability to separate silver from lead for as far back as 4000 B.C.