Gold ETF Accumulation, Investor Uncertainty Fueling Gold Rally

London (Mar 3)  Continued accumulation of gold by exchange-traded funds and worries that central bankers are running out of options to boost economic growth are playing a role in gold’s recent strength, says HSBC. The precious metal rose Wednesday despite a stronger U.S. private-sector jobs report. “Daily moves in equities, bonds and forex do not explain the entirety of gold’s gains or the improvement in the bullion market’s psyche,” the bank says.

ETF holdings rose throughout February, then jumped by another 250,000 ounces on the first day of March alone, the bank points out. “As negative interest rates have become more entrenched, gold has rallied,” HSBC says. “Negative rates have been interpreted by the wider financial market as a sign that central banks are running out of options. In a climate where the central monetary authorities seem to have reduced alternatives, gold is an attractive asset.”

Source: KitcoNews