Gold is One of the Best Performing Assets in 2016

Johannesburg-SA (Mar 11)  As of February 2016, gold was already making headlines as a must-have investment asset this year for smart investors. Prices in the early part of the year rose 6%, to more than $1,000 per ounce of gold. It quickly became clear that gold was the highest performing commodity, as well as one of the only major assets that posted a sizable gain this year thus far.

In comparison to the stock market, gold started off 2016 a lot stronger and with a lot more promise. The stock market did not start off strong at all, with the Nasdaq losing 8% of its value and the Dow being down over 1,000 points as of February, creating a lot of fear amongst investors.

Why it all makes sense

When you understand how the stock market and the gold market operate, it makes perfect sense that gold would be priced high at a time when the stock market was faltering. Gold typically does well whenever there is stress in the atmosphere regarding financials, economics, and markets.

Unlike stocks and paper money, which can quickly decrease in value, gold tends to be more reliable as a source of value, and it is the perfect asset to turn to when there is too much uncertainty and anxiety regarding other investment options. In fact, most smart investors will diversify their investment portfolios with gold for this very reason.

Global Intergold – an easy way to start investing in gold this year

Because gold has become one of the most desirable assets and forms of investments for 2016, there are a lot of people who want to purchase it today so that they can reap the benefits as the price continues to increase in the future.

Thankfully, there are easy ways that you can enter the gold trading marketplace if you wish to do so. Simply use a gold bar shop website that gives you access to individuals who are buying and selling gold and then purchase as much as you want. Be sure to keep an eye on gold price news to see how your investment is doing.

Gold prices are expected to continue to rise into the future, but even if they do drop, which is also to be expected, you can rest assured that you have made a wise investment. After all, when stock market prices drop and the value of paper money falls, gold will always be there, holding its value above the other types of investment options available.

Source: TheSouthAfrican