Ron Paul portfolio: 'Craziest' we've ever seen?

WASHINGTON (Aug 21)  Ron Paul loves gold, which probably won't come as that much of a surprise to the retired Texas congressman's acolytes.

But how much the firebrand populist and former presidential candidate embraces the yellow metal could strike some as a bit...extreme.

Paul's investment portfolio is dedicated almost solely to hard assets, with 64 percent in gold and silver miners, 21 percent in real estate and 15 percent in cash.

The other 1 percent? An allocation to stocks, but on the short side in a bet against the equity markets.

If you are concerned (about) the Fed's recent actions, weakness in the dollar and inflation, then it's time to take a page from Ron Paul's portfolio and consider gold and silver miners. And while I wouldn't recommend the same allocation as Paul has, I do like Barrick and Silver Wheaton for most portfolios.

The former Texas congressman is considered a political renegade, fueling what some analysts call the craziest portfolio they have ever seen.

(Source: CNBC's Jeff Cox )