Current Price of Silver Chart

Current Price of Silver Chart

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LONDON (April 18) Silver price (XAG/USD) gains momentum near $28.50 on Thursday during the early European session. The upsurge of the... Read More »
London (April 17) Silver price edges higher to near $28.50 per troy ounce during the European trading hours on Wednesday. The safe-... Read More »
LONDON (April 17) Silver price edges higher to near $28.50 per troy ounce during the European trading hours on Wednesday. The safe-haven... Read More »

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Vince Lanci has been covering the deluge of bank reports that have been upgrading their gold price targets. But today he looks at silver, and a bullish report by Citi that includes an upgrade to over $30 per ounce.

Over the 2 year bear market in silver, one of the primary reasons the market struggled so much was that there was little investment by the institutional funds.

Confidence in Western financial markets has already been shaken enough by the 20% devaluation of the dollar over the last few years. But now the European Commission wants to hand Ukraine $300 billion seized from Russia. Doing so likely would sound the death knell...

Americans throw away millions of dollars in coins every year. That's because American money is junk. But that wasn’t always the case.

With gold still hovering just under $2,400, while silver sits at $28.50, one of the standout features of the rally is how aggressively the bullion banks have been raising their targets.

It was deja vu all over again. The Biden administration ran yet another massive budget deficit in March. Tax receipts were up last month compared to February, but so was spending. That led to a $236.46 billion budget shortfall, according to the latest Monthly...

Silver endured a significant selloff last Friday. Was this another step forward in the bull market? This may seem counterintuitive, but GoldMoney founder James Turk thinks it was a positive sign for silver bulls. 

They say nothing is certain but death and taxes. No matter what you do, the Grim Reaper and the taxman always show up eventually. Well, folks, it’s April 15.

Dave Collum, a Professor of Chemistry at Cornell University, returns to the show. We dive deep into the dynamics of the precious metals market, particularly focusing on silver's performance and the speculation around Comex shortages.

Day after day, gold reaches new highs. Silver, just crossing $29, is only now starting to catch up. The miners are still extremely cheap relative to the price of the precious metals that they mine, so while this rally in mining stacks has been nice, it is not that...

Silver has done really well in recent weeks ascending towards “round number” resistance at $30 but that’s where it “decided to call it a day” on Friday with a big ugly reversal candle forming on heavy volume – a “gravestone doji.”

Our benchmark SP500 is on long term BUY signal. Oil sector is on a long term SELL signal. Our long term stocks/bond model remains in favor of equities over bonds.

In a high-stakes showdown with Gov. Andy Beshear over a gold and silver sales tax exemption, the Kentucky legislature today deemed his attempted line-item veto as an illegal act -- and directed the Secretary of State to enroll the exemption into law.

Indians are known to have a love affair with gold. India ranks as the number two gold-consuming country in the world behind only China.  But Indians are also pretty fond of silver. In fact, India is the world's biggest silver consumer. 

It appears cooling price inflation was “transitory” to borrow a favorite Federal Reserve term from a bygone era. The Consumer Price Index (CPI) for March was hotter than expected by every metric.

Silver has 47 protons and 61 neutrons

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