Current Price of Silver Chart

Current Price of Silver Chart

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NEW YORK (July 23) Bank analysts suggest that former President Donald Trump and his running mate J.D. Vance may struggle to achieve... Read More »
LONDON (July 23) The silver market continues to see a lot of support near the $28.50 level, with its “market memory” coming into the... Read More »
LONDON (July 22) Silver prices are facing downward pressure despite gold’s recent surge to record highs. This divergence in precious... Read More »

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We’ve been told the economy is strong for more than a year. The strong labor market with millions of new jobs serves as a primary data point to support this claim.

In the July 18 edition of Gold Newsletter, editor and publisher Brien Lundin wrote about the failure of silver prices to keep up with gold prices. "I'm not the kind of conspiracy buff that many of my friends in the industry are,"

Our long term stocks/bond model remains in favor of equities over bonds. Trend is up. Cycle is up. VIX is now up, caution is advised.

There's a lot of attention is being placed on the upcoming elections in the US, and rightly so. But regardless of who wins the election, the fundamental drivers of the silver (and gold) rally aren't going to change.

We are joined by Clive Thompson, who has over 47 years of experience in trusts, wealth management, and Swiss private banking. We discuss gold, the markets, and more!

Silver has long been known as an inflation hedge. Although with the silver price twice reaching the $49-50 level, and also declining in 2022 when inflation was surging, is it still realistic to view silver an inflation hedge?

As we analyze historical trends and current market dynamics, it becomes evident that silver is on the path to reaching new peaks. Here’s why we may be on our way to witnessing silver attain its highest values ever, both nominally and when adjusted for inflation.

With a quiet start to the day in the markets, Vince takes a look at a new report from Michael Oliver of Momentum Structural Analysis, and talks about some of the key levels in silver that would indicate 'an acceleration phase of the rally.'

Gold is one of the most reliable and accurate financial measures one can use. Historically, the Dow/gold ratio has provided a very good signal for silver bear and bull market cycles.

David Morgan joins us to discuss the latest in the Silver markets as the price has now risen above $30 per oz. We also talk about the latest Inflation Data, and more.

Last week at the Rule Symposium I sat down with First Majestic Silver CEO Keith Neumeyer, who talked about the growing gap in the silver supply, and why even the recent rally to above $30 per ounce still hasn't come close to fixing the problem.

In terms of the impact in the financial markets, as well as how this will alter the political cycle in the months ahead, Vince Lanci checks in with an important morning update today.

U.S. government borrowing and spending never stops. The federal government ran another big deficit in June, as the national debt inches closer to $35 trillion. $35 trillion USD.

Following the shocking assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump, the nation is left wondering exactly why it happened as well as what may be coming next.

The June federal budget deficit was "only" $66 billion. This looks like a big improvement, but it wasn't. Even more concerning is the fact that interest on the accumulating debt is eating up nearly one-third of federal tax receipts.

Peru became the world’s largest producer of silver in 2012.

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