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Michael Konnert, the founder & CEO of Vizsla Silver joins us to discuss Viszla Silver and the company’s Panuco project and why it could be the best undeveloped silver project.

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There is no cup and handle pattern in Silver (although there is super bullish potential if it approaches $50), nor is there a bull flag and we have to stop drawing diagonal resistance from the 2011 peak.

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The signal is a steepening yield curve driven by a decline in the 2-year yield. This has preceded or coincided with nearly all recent market declines and recessions.There are a few examples of the 2-year yield declining but then making a...
As long as Silver continues to hold $22 on a monthly and quarterly basis, then the probability favors a test of $25 resistance and eventually $26-$27.

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There continues to be several similarities between today and the 1968-1971 period for Silver.

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If Silver makes a weekly close above $26, it triggers a measured upside target of $34. Silver against foreign currencies is also very close to a breakout and a 12-year high.

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In this video we discuss the interplay between rising bond yields, inflation and stock market peaks around the late 1960s.

Ultimately, rising bond yields can lead to a market peak. Secondly, in the 1964-1982 inflationary period, the...
Silver’s technical setup is intriguing as it just rebounded off both the 200-day and 400-day moving averages. In the past, rebounds from the 400-day moving average have led to bullish moves. We discuss that and more.The Daily Gold********
In this video we evaluate the key support and resistance levels for Silver and comment on its net speculative position and open interest.

The key resistance levels are $26 and $27-$28 with $22 and $20.50 being the key support levels. In...
Silver has been in a bear market for almost three years and the recent lack of strength suggests the metal could be headed for new lows. New lows are always bearish until the last one. Our technical work suggests that we should watch for a...


Silver has 47 protons and 61 neutrons

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