Andy Schectman: Rising Oil Prices - The Latest Problem for Fed’s Inflation Battle

September 20, 2023

The Federal Reserve has seen the government inflation metrics come down over the past year throughout its interest rate hiking campaign. But one of the driving factors behind the decreases in the rate of increase has been lower energy prices.

Which makes it concerning that even with the CPI and PCE indicators still well above the Fed's 2% mandate, now oil prices are rising again. With WTI now over $91, while Brent crude approaches the $95 level.

So in today's show, in addition to taking a look at the latest silver premiums, I talk with Andy Schectman about some of the economic factors that are driving the markets ahead of the Fed's latest policy meeting this week on Wednesday.

He also comments on the increased premiums in China on gold and silver, and answers some viewer questions. And to find out more, click to watch this video now!

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