Global Index Markets Hit Records! Bubbles Everywhere!

July 17, 2017

Take a look at the Markets Digest in the Wall Street Journal. The green is everywhere. US index markets are ALL up for the year (except PHLX gold/silver and oil). International stock indexes are 98% up for the year. I witness record asset prices all over our planet. Our Central Banks and their trading facilities have done the job of Bubble Pumping extraordinaire. Over in Venezuela where the entire economy is collapsing along with the political system, I still witness their index market going up and up with no awareness of the real economic situation at the ground level. Its current bubble is 130,390.47 as I write - and this is up nearly 100% in just a few months. What does all this imply for our understanding of economics?

To me this implies that our central planners (yes our economy is now under CENTRAL PLANNING) can pump up index markets even while the REAL economy crashes and declines. Index markets are now Metaphysical Markets (mere units of our consciousness). Our currencies and our so-called ‘money’ consists of mere abstract mental numbers which have ZERO tie to physical reality. Virtual reality has arrived! Is this sound monetary policy? It appears that our Central Planners must think so! These select elites (operating behind closed doors) can use their computers, source codes, algorithms, and high frequency trading strategies to PUMP up markets irrespective of fundamental economic reality on the ground level.

I witness this in spades over in Venezuela with their index market called the Caracas General. Central authorities can push their computer keys and buy stocks irrespective of fundamental economic realities on the ground. We live today with a corrupt global financial system which is monitored, controlled, manipulated, and RIGGED by our Central Planners (operating behind closed doors). Why are all these Central Banks trading our private markets? Where do they get the money? Do they merely ‘invent’ new digits from their consciousness to keep this corrupt Ponzi game going? What do you think?

Take a look at your smartphone and check out your finance app. Look at all our index markets around the planet. The CNBC app allows me to witness index markets all around our planet instantaneously. I can watch the ‘ticks’ going up and down as algorithms trade our markets in real-time. The color is mostly GREEN as our Central Banks can now trade our markets to assure that markets go UP and UP with no relation to ground level realities. What do you think is happening at these trading facilities which operate behind closed doors? Do you have a clue?

Some additional images for your consideration:

Traders live for mere mental abstractions (within their consciousness) called MONEY!

The BULL dominates over all our markets! This has been the situation since the crisis of 2008 ended!

This Central Bank (called the BIS) has created most all of our Central Planning! Its location is Basel, Switzerland!

One founding Father with financial WISDOM was T.J. Read the above to acquire this financial wisdom!

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Man has had the ability to separate silver from lead for as far back as 4000 B.C.

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