Investors Weekly Update

May 7, 2022

Our equity/bond model - This long term reliable investing model provides investors with simple decision making in the markets:

  • When the model favors stocks, investors should overweigh in equities for maximum growth.

  • When the model favors bonds, investors should overweigh in bonds for safety.

Our benchmark SP500 is now on a new long term SELL signal.

Oil sector remains on long term BUY signal at the end of April.

Gold sector remains on a long term BUY signal at the end of April.

VIX – volatility index

VIX is up and markets are down.

Divergences between SP500 and Nasdaq have been remarkable as they mark short term tops and bottoms consistently.

Currently there are no divergences to suggest a short term bottom.


Our long term stocks/bond model remains in favor of stocks over bonds.

However, $SPX is now on a long term sell signal, caution is advised.


We do not offer predictions or forecasts for the markets. What you see here is our simple investing model which provides us with simple investing decision making. Entry points and stops are provided in real time to subscribers, therefore, this update may not reflect our current positions in the markets.


Most silver is produced as a byproduct of copper, gold, lead and zinc refining.

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