Junk Silver Supply Remains Tight

May 24, 2023

In the last few weeks the silver premium levels have been slightly lower, as a sense of calm has returned to the markets following 2 months of chaos in the banking sector. Yet the supply of junk silver remains tight following the surge in demand caused by the recent bank failures.

Junk silver is a unique market, in that there's not any more being made, and therefore not a steady stream of new product coming back on the market. Then factor in that it remains a popular product by many silver investors due to its unique properties, and as a result, it's not easy for dealers to continue to find it in large quantities.

So in this week's physical silver market report, Andy Schectman of Miles Franklin talks about the junk silver market, as well as the general premium levels in the silver market. He also talks about the latest news ahead of the debt ceiling, how he thinks the situation in the silver market ultimately involves, and some of the other news affecting the silver market.

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