Silver Returning To Monetary System?

February 26, 2018

Silver has been money longer than gold and has created more wealth for individuals than gold. Silver translates, in many languages around the world to the word money. Silver is the very essence of the peoples money. It is beautiful, necessary and, above all else, money. Silver was part of our monetary system until the “crime of 1873“.

Hugo Salinas Price, the billionaire that has discussed with the Mexican Parliament, and provided realistic ways, to reintroduce silver to the Mexican monetary system that would instantly make the peso the supreme currency on planet earth. Mr, Price has presented these ideas, and plans, to the Greek government as well. Each time Hugo Salinas Price presents these plans they are met with ho-hum reception.

Anyone involved with the precious metals, be it silver or gold, knows all too well the paper silver and paper gold markets, operated by the COMEX and LBMA, actually determine the global price for the physical market. Over the past year we have also seen the precious metals markets have been proven to be rigged. This is no longer a “theory” as there have been two different class action lawsuits and two different civil cases brought against Deutsche Bank for rigging the gold and silver market.  Deutsche Bank lost both cases and have been proven guilty of market rigging.

The advances in financial technology (fintech) have demonstrated the people no longer need the banking system. No longer need the credit rating system. No longer need the financial system. Crowd funding, blockchain technology and peer to peer services are racing towards the elimination of these criminal, rigged systems.

I sat down with David Morgan, The Morgan Report, to discuss how this new technology will allow the people to work around the current system and reintroduce silver to the monetary system without the need, or permission, of the current system. We simply walk away, turn our backs and take back our wealth.

I don’t know anywhere where you can go with physical silver and get “rewards” (stipend, dividend, “interest”) “Oh wait a minute David this sounds like a scam!” No, it’s very similar to how a coin dealer operates. When a coin dealer sells a coin to you, or coins, or a monster box or 10 monster boxes or whatever, he makes a spread on the transaction. He buys the silver from a wholesaler where he marks up 1.5-2% and he sells it to you and your happy to pay that because you don’t have the clout to buy it from the wholesaler with the 2% discount. It’s the same thing here in the LODE System. When someones out buying an AGX Coin they’re going to pay what the market dictates but it’s going to have in that, let’s say, 2% spread.


I want it to get so big that “We the people” control the silver market and “We the people” control the silver price and we bring back the death of the paper paradigm. We bring back the physical market controlling the price of silver. Wouldn’t that be concept? David Morgan ~The Daily Coin

This is the first time David Morgan has discussed this new project with the public. Mr. Morgan has spent the past year discussing and researching this project and now feels comfortable discussing in public. I have been no fan of cryptocurrencies and my stance has not changed. This is new technology may be a way for the people to take back our sovereignty as it works within the current system and brings physical silver back to the system. Physical silver creates wealth. Physical silver protects sovereignty.

We hope you find this informative and entertaining. 

Rory Hall

The Fourth Coinage Act of 1873 embraced the gold standard and demonetized silver, known as the “Crime of 73”

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