Trader Bifurcation Goes Unnoticed! Why?

March 15, 2018

We live within a bifurcated financial market today as our currencies are ‘metaphysical’ and our trader thinking is mostly ‘material’. What do I mean? Today, all our digital currencies are units of consciousness (this means they are metaphysical units).  Some call them ‘mental abstractions’. All this means that trading FX currencies today is a subjective and/or inner experience.  They are not physical or material (as I experienced during most of my financial career). Today our dollar is a unit of consciousness (not a physical unit). The euro, yen, pound, krona, peso, etc. are all units of consciousness (metaphysical). Most traders are completely unaware of this reality. This is why I call their thinking bifurcated on this issue.

I witness this bifurcation daily as I watch financial news shows such as CNBC, Fox Business, and Bloomberg. All the commentators and pundits assume that our economy is based upon material money units which are permanent and stable over time. This, however, is a huge myth IMO. Our thinking is bifurcated and not based upon a solid logical understanding about reality. The problem is that few seem to comprehend the inner nature of all our currencies today. Inner means that the units are not material (outer). Inner means that these units are ‘mental abstractions’ and/or ‘metaphysical derivations. I witness no awareness of this reality within our greater media or within the financial pundit community. This, to me, is an example of ‘bifurcation’.

Today’s wealth is measured with these inner/mental abstractions. This means that subjective units of our consciousness determine what most everyone thinks of as wealth. In reality, wealth should be viewed as material objects derived from nature. Food, clothing, shelter, and transportation describe that which is real wealth. These items are material and composed of matter/energy. Our measurement of ‘value’, however, is now done with currencies which are inner/metaphysical. Did you know that this concept we call ‘value’ (within economics) is a spiritual/metaphysical concept? Did you realize that ‘valuation’ of assets is a spiritual/metaphysical process? All valuations (whether real estate, equities, or derivatives) are spiritual/metaphysical processes. All is subjective!

In essence, I witness media bifurcation in all our financial news today. The commentators seem totally unaware of the ‘nature’ of our financial markets. These markets are now mostly digital/cyber and this means they are inner markets. Trading and investing is an inner process using currencies which are inner/metaphysical/spiritual. Our markets are now being centralized and the trend is towards computer driven markets all living within this netherworld space called ‘cyberspace’. Trading consists of cyber money with electronic execution. Algorithms and computer software control all these cyber/digital markets. Free market economics has been replaced with computer driven markets (where execution is via select software and algorithms). What a change from yesteryear!

Have you noticed how the price of this commodity called SILVER is valued? Take a look at this silver chart at:

Today, the spot price of silver is much lower than its historical average. The gold/silver ratio is currently over 80. This is ridiculous when I think about actual available silver supply (in the ground) compared to gold supply (in the ground). The ratio should be closer to 15:1 (not 80:1). All this reveals that price discovery is not a supply/demand activity today. Today, an ‘algorithm’ can monitor and bracket this cyber spot price (silver) in real-time via trading strategies (such as the ‘naked’ short sale trading). This can all be done via a trading ‘algorithm’. Is this FREE MARKET economics? I don’t think so! What we have today are controlled and manipulated markets where select official traders (the Fed/Treasury/Central Banks) can suppress this price via an ‘algorithm’. I call this corruption! What would be your description?

Trader bifurcation is my description of what I witness today within our global cyber/digital markets. We live within TWO realms but mostly unaware. Our traders view reality as all material and outer. But, in reality, cyberspace is an INNER experience. Cyberspace is where all our digital money now resides. All this means that we live in a bifurcated financial marketplace. Few comprehend this reality. Few comprehend that their inner self is spiritual/metaphysical. Few comprehend that our cyber currencies are now inner/metaphysical units. Why this bifurcation? My sense is that it is one’s WORLDVIEW. My Worldview is based upon Dualism. Most everyone in finance has a Monist Worldview. Think for yourself on these issues of philosophy. Enjoy! I am:


1 cubic foot of silver weighs approx 655 pounds whereas 1 cubic foot of gold weighs more than half a ton.

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