US Dollar Cycle Update

July 1, 2017

Cycle Status/Outlook: Long-term I believe the USD found a 15-Year Super Cycle top in early 2015.  To confirm this we need to see the USD find a Yearly Cycle Low soon and bounce high enough to break the YC down trend line on my first chart, a three year weekly that shows Price has dropped below my Blue 2014 uptrend line and now the 30ema is starting to roll over and should start to cap rallies acting as resistance rather than support.

Shorter term, my Trading Cycle count is a bit cloudy as I have two alternate counts. While the next TCL/DCL could also be a Yearly Cycle Low, my expectations are that even a rally out of a YCL will be corrective in nature. Strong resistance should be found in the 98.50 to 100 range.



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