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The defenders of the COMEX fractional-reserve paper silver Ponzi scheme argue that there’s no cause for concern, because most of the contracts are just rolled over.

Well….while that is indeed normally the case, in 1979, that...
With a lot of silver investors still walking out on the ledge in front of the Fourth of July holiday weekend, your humble #silverprice action therapist has called in the big guns.********
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Is it time to throw in the towel on silver

There’s been a lot of panic and frustration out...
To find out what legal options are available for gold and silver investors who have been impacted by the fraudulent actions of JP Morgan and the CFTC, click below to watch this timely video now!

Many silver investors have started to wonder if the big banks like J.P. Morgan break the rules, and then just treat the fines like a cost of doing business.

Well, it turns out, J.P. Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon once told Senator Elizabeth...
As if the Wall Street silver market didn’t already have enough challenges to deal with, now the industrial silver users are beginning to leave the COMEX as well. To find out why, click to watch this important video now!********
On Thursday the latest government inflation number is released in the US.And it’s set to be one for the ages, as even DeutscheBank is warning of an inflation crisis coupled with an economic “time bomb”!So to get a preview of what to expect...
There has been a lot of discussion on this channel, as well as others, about how the banks have suppressed the silver price far below its true free market value.

Yet many ask why the price would only be suppressed lower, and if the...
For months the bullion banks tried to cover up how close they were to seeing their fractional reserve bullion scheme collapse in the beginning of February.

During the #SilverSqueeze weekend.

Yet now the US Mint is admitting that...
The United States House Committee on Financial Services is hosting a party this week with the executives of the finest megabanks on Wall Street!

And I figured if party host Maxine Waters only knew about the stunning evidence showing...


Silver has 47 protons and 61 neutrons

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