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The USDX looks to have made a false breakout. Hedge funds and retail traders get suckered into right at the top. Same idea in silver, a false breakdown where dumb money.********
Silver has been suppressed for a very long time. Don't buy at the end of the move, buy at the start of one! We are at the beginning of the big silver move.

I was advising to add to your physical silver last several weeks during the pullback. The constant manipulation of the price has created a physical shortage, it is starting to look that way.

There was a large attack on gold and silver,...
"$100 silver's going to be a piece of cake," says trading expert Gary Savage. He expects silver to turn into a bubble which could end with silver as high as $500. However, he sees silver could fall in the short-term. If we see major pull-...
Friday's action indicates that the market has inside information that the Fed is going to taper? What to expect if the Fed tapers in November or next meetings and pulls the trigger. The attack of gold on Friday was a warning sign...
Skyrocketing natural gas prices in Europe are already (before the real crunch may come in winter) causing MAJOR problems causing people’s electric bills to double- and more. It has also led to a major producer of fertilizer (CF Industries...
The stock market has been in this run-away move which usually ends in a crash or a mini-crash.

All previous corrections have held the prior resistance zone (support).

The coming credit meltdown will be as bad as the great depression and the financial crisis: Deutsche Bank (Personally I think that they are underestimating the size of our problems and what we face will dwarf those two events)

It is not...
For nine years now every time we have an intermediate degree correction the perma bears crawl out of the woodwork and start screaming the sky is falling. If you had listened to these people you would have missed one of the greatest bull...
Did we learn nothing from the tech bubble?

The real estate bubble?

The energy bubble?

Apparently not, as here we go again. The next series of bubbles is now in progress (Bitcoin is the first).

Let me go over again the signs of...


Silver has 47 protons and 61 neutrons

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