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Chris Vermeulen joins us for the first time on the show to talk about a potential downside in the Market. He explains the Emotions of Market Participants chart and how it compares with the precious metals.

We discuss with APMEX the reasons behind the current high premiums and the supply challenges in the physical silver and gold market.

David Morgan joins us again to discuss the silver market continuing to rally after cementing the best weekly performance since March. We also talk about a price prediction in the upcoming months.

Mark Yaxley joins us today to go over the situation regarding JPMorgan’s gold desk was found spoofing lies. Furthermore, we talk about the meaning of True demand for precious metals, the U.S. dollar, recession, and more.

Andy Schectman joins us today to discuss the story of a woman from Texas who has purchased a significant amount of Silver Eagles and intends to buy more.

Tyler Wall from SD Bullion joins us today to discuss the latest Gold and Silver Markets news. He gives his thoughts on which Silver coins have a good value right now.********
Patrick Karim discusses the latest in the gold and silver charts.He also explains how precious metals perform in a recession and what we must pay attention to in the upcoming months.********
Bix Weir, YouTuber from "Road To Roota" joins us today to explain what's happening with the silver derivatives market and how the big bullion banks have been manipulating it for years.

David Morgan joins us to discuss the latest in the Silver markets as the price has now dropped below $20 per oz. We also talk about the latest Inflation data, and more.

Mario Innecco, from maneco64 YouTube channel, joins us today to discuss BRICS nation's plan on working on a new global reserve currency and whether or not this causes a threat to the U.S Dollar. Furthermore, we go over how consumer...


The word ‘silver’ originates from the Old English Anglo-Saxon word 'seolfor'

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