Peter Degraaf

Peter Degraaf became interested in silver and gold when the Governments of the US and Canada proceeded to remove silver coinage from circulation in the mid 1960s.

He noticed the effect of Gresham’s law:  “Bad money drives out good.” He became a coin dealer, attending coin shows all over The US and Canada. In 2001 he semi-retired from coin sales and concentrated on investing in precious metals. He mastered the art of technical analysis and applies this to his investments. In 2001 he started publishing a daily and weekly market report.  His website is at

Articles by Peter Degraaf

The great Khan (Chinese ruler), causes the bark of trees, made into something like paper, to pass for money all over his country." …Marco POLO, (1254 - 1324 Traveling explorer from Venice).

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This chart courtesy of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, show the base is rising exponentially. The current total is 2.35...
Fed has done all it can to fix US economy's non-structural issues, now it must hike rates