America Will Live, Financial Markets Will Die!

November 9, 2016

It’s early Wednesday morning, and I could not be more thrilled – as indeed, as I have loudly predicted since the day after the BrExit, Trump not only won, but did so in a landslide!  Sure, America’s deadly demographics – featuring an explosion of welfare-seeking immigrants; plus tens of millions of disenfranchised “locals” desperately seeking the same, made the result closer than the underlying sentiment of hatred for the establishment, and a desire for change.  However, in winning essentially all “swing states,” despite massive election fraud, the soon-to-be-final Electoral College tally of 309-218 is as close to a landslide as you’ll get.  In other words, for the second time this year, a major Western power elected to withdraw from tyranny, in favor of the unknown.

I’ll get to my views on this historic news in a moment – but before I do, I need to make sure the day’s “other” massively PM-bullish news is not ignored, given how ominous, and far-reaching, it is.  Which is, that yesterday morning, whilst Western markets were amidst a (PPT/Cartel manipulated) election frenzy, India’s monetary traitor of a Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, held an unscheduled prime time address, in which he, for all intents and purposes, banned cash.  Yes, without any warning, he unilaterally banned the usage of 500 and 1000 Rupee notes, claiming they enabled a black market that was leading to massive tax evasion and illegal activities; and thus, you have one month to return them to the bank – with proper personal identification – before the ban commences.

My friends, this draconian, tyrannical government decision – based on logic as flimsy as India’s 2013 decision to dramatically hike Precious Metal import tariffs (blaming gold and silver importation for a surging trade deficit) – is as terrifying a signal as you’ll get, regarding the desperation governments feel as history’s largest, most destructive fiat Ponzi scheme implodes.  Much less, in the world’s largest gold-buying nation, inhabited by the world’s most fiat currency skeptical population.  To that end, that announcement alone should be enough to have you purchase precious metals, to protect yourself against the terrifying monetary destruction – and draconian government control – the world is about to experience.

As for the election, I never had a doubt that what I was personally experiencing in the voting booth – i.e. intense rage, of how my government has betrayed me, destroyed my nation, and produced a bleak outlook for my daughter’s future – was what others were thinking as well, even if my home state of Colorado actually stayed blue, due to the massive amount of Californian émigrés that have recently arrived.  Clearly, that was the feeling throughout the country – which incredibly, was nearly “overran” by the massive amounts of welfare-seekers in Florida; which again, as in 2000, proved to be the ultimate swing state.  Only this time, in a major see-saw battle, the unprecedented attempt to rig the result failed, thanks to the heavily Republican Panhandle, which ultimately proved too much for Hillary’s criminal gang.  To that end, NEVER has election fraud been more prevalent – including the hacking of Alex Jones’ website.  Which, in my view, will change how all future elections are held.  And by the way, in an incredible amount of manipulative irony, the rigged “betting line” for a Trump victory gave him just 20% odds of victory yesterday morning; which incidentally, was exactly what the betting line for a BrExit “leave” vote was on the morning of June 23rd.

Aside from the historic Trump victory, the Republicans not only maintained the House as expected, but unexpectedly retained the Senate.  Thus, for the first time since 1928, the Republicans will have control of not only the White House, but both chambers of Congress.  Not that they deserve it, as they did everything in their power to destroy themselves this year.  However, thanks to the power of Trump, people like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell not only still have jobs, but nearly unprecedented Republican power.  Frankly, I was considering voting for NO ONE for Congress, but re-channeled my anger into votes for Republicans, given how important I felt it was to give Trump something to work with; particularly regarding the necessary repeal of Obamacare – which, as I noted back in 2012, was, along from the Patriot Act, the worst piece of legislation in U.S. history.

Financial market impact aside, there’s no better way to describe what happened last night than America saving itself from a horrific future – which unquestionably, would have included war, socialism, social unrest, and hyperinflation.  That said, the underlying issues remain – of a collapsing economy, unpayable debt, mass poverty, and plunging purchasing power.  Which, unfortunately, aren’t going away – as I have vehemently espoused, NO ONE can prevent these horrific trends from playing out, and the only way America, and the world, can improve its future plight is for the massive amounts of debt to be defaulted on, either outright or via inflation.  Which, given the historical experience of all Central banks, will unquestionably occur via the latter – particularly given that Donald Trump, despite all the positive things he brings to the table, plans on massively increasing already exploding budget deficits, by slashing tax rates and dramatically increasing wasteful government spending on infrastructure and the military.

In other words, a “Republican” combining the worst aspects of Reagan’s “supply-side” economics with FDR’s “New Deal” and LBJ’s “guns and butter.”  Which in turn, will catalyze the Fed’s money printing and bond monetization programs to go parabolic starting December 14th.  When, per “rate hike odds” having plunged from 80% to 40% overnight, the Fed will get the ball rolling on their road to NIRP and QE4 by not raising rates.  And trust me, if initial attempts to “stabilize” markets by supporting stocks and capping Precious Metals don’t work (I’ll get to that momentarily), may well be announced by that time.  Don’t believe me?  Well take a look at Treasury bond yields this morning, despite plunging (albeit miraculously “saved” from their overnight lows) stock prices.  Yes, yields are surging to multi-year highs, as “bond vigilantes” realize that such historic deficit spending, amidst a collapsing economic environment featuring plunging tax receipts; let alone, as foreign Treasury owners are selling en masse to fund their own exploding deficits; will entail massive incremental debt issuance.   And in turn, equally massive levels of Central bank money printing and monetization.

To that end, I could not be more baffled with the overall financial “market” reaction – which unfortunately, contrary to what I anticipated, has thus far featured as much blatant manipulation as I’ve ever seen.  I mean, gold was up $100/oz the night of the BrExit, before ultimately the Cartel “managed” the damage down to just $50/oz or so.  And yet, in what is unquestionably a “BrExit times ten” black swan event – politically, economically, and monetarily – gold’s high point was up just $60/oz – after which, it was again, for the 731st time in the past 843 trading days, smashed around the “2:15 AM” EST open of the London paper pre-market, to where it stands as I write at 8:00 AM EST, at exactly $1,300/oz, up just $25/oz; whilst silver is trading at $18.70/oz, up roughly 2%.

Recall, as I have been emphatically noting for weeks, gold and silvers’ respective 50 MONTH moving averages are currently $1,303/oz and $19.43/oz – and I assure you someone is terrified of traders’ inevitable realization that these levels are on the verge of becoming permanent support.  Which, when this occurs, will likely catalyze a massive up leg, in what will unquestionably be an historic bull market.  Heck, if you live in Mexico, you’re seeing it today – as due to fears that Trump will crack down on Mexican immigration and repeal NAFTA, the Peso crashed a BrExit-like 10% overnight, yielding a surge 12% increase in Peso-priced gold as I write.  Which I assure you, will eventually be the same thing that occurs here in the not-to-distant future, when inexorably rising physical demand swamps what’s left of the Cartel’s desperate efforts to cap paper prices.

Regarding financial markets in general, incredibly, the base metals, which have been on a tear lately for no reason I can conceive, managed to reverse their overnight losses and turn higher, even as the dying “oil PPT’s” efforts to revive crude prices miserably failed.  The Nikkei plunged more than 5%, but “somehow” U.S. stock futures recouped half of their initial 3%-5% losses; even as, as noted above, Treasury yields have exploded higher, despite Fed rate hike odds plunging.  In other words, a “perfect storm” of “PM-bullish, everything-else-bearish” news (let alone, the Indian cash ban); and yet, the initial market reaction is far less severe than the BrExit?!?!

Frankly, my only guess as to what is occurring is “someone” is keen on preventing markets from “unrigging” this morning – even if the aforementioned, horrific, global economic impact of the Trump victory will ultimately be as overwhelming to the market riggers as the tsunami of anti-establishment sentiment was to the Clinton campaigns’ unprecedented election rigging attempt.  In other words, I could not be more comfortable, or confident, in holding 85% of my liquid assets in physical gold and silver.  Not to mention, my now 5% position in Bitcoin, which also surged upon the Trump (and Indian cash) news, to nearly an all-time high market capitalization.  Which, I again must note is a personal investment decision, completely independent of Miles Franklins’ professionally agnostic view on this emergent, yet still speculative technology.

After the dust settles from the initial (and quite obviously manipulated) market reaction, it will start to sink in that along with BrExit, Trump’s victory represents the most profound, far-reaching sea change in Western politics in modern history.  To that end, the realization that the global economy is collapsing – and thus, Central bank money printing must go parabolic to monetize exploding levels of debt – would have occurred just as imminently under a Clinton presidency as with Trump.  However, the wildcard of Trump’s largely uncertain plan – other than an “America First” theme that will unquestionably involve trade-war catalyzing nationalist policies – will equally unquestionably become a major market overhang, particularly now that the “incentive” of the previous regimes’ manipulative goals will be fading into black.  This, with global stock and bond markets trading at all-time high valuations, amidst the worst economic environment, featuring the most debt, of our lifetimes.

In my very strong view, the historic deflationary trends outlined in January 2015’s “direst prediction of all” will accelerate dramatically in 2017, causing commodities, currencies, and equities to inexorably weaken; whilst faith in increasingly hyper-inflated fiat currencies plunges to all-time lows.  In turn, catalyzing the long-awaited “mega-bull” phase of the historic Precious Metal surge, now 17 years running, until inevitably product shortages make it all but impossible to acquire.

Moreover, if you think the economic and financial market impact of the Trump victory was “BrExit times ten,” consider the likely hyperbolic acceleration of global nationalist trends it will catalyze.  Let alone, the trade and currency wars, as the fiat “race to the bottom” explodes, led by the “upcoming, cataclysmic, financial big bang to end all big bangs” that will be a dramatic Yuan devaluation.

To that end, the list of upcoming, “BrExit/Trump-like” votes and referendums will be relentless, as listed here.  Just four weeks from now, the Italian Constitutional Reform referendum will likely result in the resignation of pro-EU Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, in favor of a decidedly “ItalExit”-favoring replacement; whilst next year, the hits will keep coming, particularly in France and Germany, where equally anti-EU, anti-globalist leadership will nearly unquestionably be installed.  Not to mention, the planned Catalonian secession, and increasingly imminent GrExit.

In the big picture, I can only view America’s decision to fight through the lies, and destroy the evil Clinton Empire (which in my view, will culminate with Hillary and Bill going to prison) as having saved the Republic from destruction.  However, the road to salvation, both here and overseas, will be long and difficult, as the pain that has been forestalled by years of money printing, market manipulation, and propaganda has never been more imminent, or terrifying in potential scope.  Thus, my advice to PROTECT YOURSELF while you still can, both financially and otherwise, has never been more urgent. 


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