The End Of The World As We Know It

May 8, 2014

The divergence in the NYSE and NSADAQ continues. We are looking for a resolution. But what is the timing? Here is our cycles and basic seasonality chart for your reference:

Another interesting peak reading we are seeing from one of our indicators:

This 'neutral' reading is robbing from bullish and bearish readings - but at the end of the day, a reading this high is generally bearish.

Switching to oil real quick, since we are watching for a potential sell off:

And finally, the barometer:

I tend to fight the obvious when it comes to technicals because if everyone can see it, what good is it. So while we may see a move towards lows at some point, I am not so sure this pattern will play out - though the potential exists. Our model is suggesting the potential exists and we will continue to position for a next larger move, which is this case should be lower.


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The Fourth Coinage Act of 1873 embraced the gold standard and demonetized silver, known as the “Crime of 73”

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