Silver Stuck In $22-25 Range As Market Awaits Fed Clarity

September 15, 2023

For the past year and a half the markets have watched the Federal Reserve raise interest rates, while waiting to see how far they would go before pausing. And also when they would begin cutting rates following the last hike.

The hiking has gone longer than even the Fed first anticipated, which has left many of the financial markets somewhat rangebound. That has also been the case with silver, which after rallying from last years lows of slightly below $18, has been trading in the $22-25 range ever since the bank failures in the US earlier this year.

In today's show we talk with David Stein of Kuya Silver and take a look at the way the silver price has reacted over a longer period of time, how the current price is affecting the silver mining industry, how China is responding to the current environment, and whether the banking issues in the US are done.

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