Dr. F.T. Dao

F.T. Dao is a private investor and recently left the corporate world for technical analysis of stock markets.  He holds a PhD degree in physics and has done technical analysis of the market on the side for many years.  He welcomes constructive discussion and can be reached at:  ftdao245@gmail.com  , ftdao245@comcast.net

Articles by Dr. F.T. Dao

Global Currency Inflation

All major developed countries are engaging in printing their paper currencies to pop up their economies.  In this article, we study the question:

With rising inflation, what will happen to the global...
In this article, we ask the key question on precious metals:  when will silver outperform gold in price?  Our answer is:  right now in the process.  We will show this by comparing gold and silver from the cycle analysis...
"Instead of bronze I will bring gold, And instead of iron I will bring silver.” Isaiah 60:17

The price movement of silver goes with that of gold.  Gold price has a high volatility compared to the equity markets like DOW, but...
Gold falls on firm dollar, China rate cut lends support