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30 Days 17.91 -0.84 -4.68%
6 Months 16.32 +0.76 +4.64%
1 Year 16.28 +0.79 +4.86%
5 Years 28.52 -11.45 -40.13%
10 Years 12.87 +4.21 +32.68%

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Silver Price Forecast: Beware Of These Forecasting Myths

Where is the price of silver headed? That question gets at the heart of your philosophy as an investor. For many, there are just a few key market factors to look at as you evaluate silver from a zoomed-out, comprehensive view. For others,...

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Signs Of Silver Price Optimism Outpacing Gold?

This week has seen a sluggish Dow Jones Industrial Average struggling to break even while the price of gold looks poised to hold on to its gains. But what’s been lost in the shuffle is the price of silver, which has made some progress against...

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Silver Price Poised For Big Reversal When Institutional Investors Move In

The Silver Market is going to experience a big reversal when the Hedge Funds and Institutional investors rotate out of highly inflated stocks and into precious metals investments.  This is not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.  And the...

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Silver Price Massively Undervalued From Historic Perspective

- What wages in ancient Athens can tell us about the silver price today. - Wages paid in silver in ancient Athens compared to wages today. - Silver massively undervalued compared to the past few thousand years.

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Silver Price Forecast

The single most question many people ask or want to know is where will silver be in a week or month and when?  We gave up asking that question over three years ago after realizing that 2014's movement in silver would not be much different than...

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Silver Articles

Silver Price Ends Slump; Is There More to Come?

It wasn’t long ago that we were reporting in this very space that silver’s long, slow decline from the higher prices in April have materialized into some recent lows for the precious metal. But with a week of solid gains in precious metals, it...

Silver Price Forecast: US Dollar Breakdown Clears The Way For A 70s Style Silver Rally

The apparent breakdown of the US Dollar Index is setting silver up for a spectacular rally. In fact, it could rally like it did in the late 70s. Below, is a long-term chart of the US Dollar Index:

Silver Price Forecast: How Silver Could Rally Significantly Over The Coming Months

The silver price and the US Dollar/South African Rand exchange rate (USD/ZAR) have a very interesting relationship that goes back a long way.

Making Sense Of Mixed Messages In The Silver Markets

Recent downward moves in the silver markets have put investors on edge, but since flirting with $15 per troy ounce earlier in the week, the price has bounced back. So it’s not surprising that we see so many mixed messages in the silver markets...

Silver Price Update

Speculative activity is now at levels of previous bottoms. Silver is on a major buy signal since early 2016. Major signals can last for months and years and are suitable for long-term investors.

Silver Price…Expecting The Unexpected

I am convinced that silver will soon explode in price in a manner of unprecedented proportions, both in terms of previous silver rallies and relative to all other commodities. By unprecedented, I mean that the price of silver will move...

Silver Price Forecast: Is The Current Dip Due For An End?

The trend for silver has been downward since mid-April, and early signs in May aren’t promising. We’ve written about the dip of silver in this space before, but the question many investors are now asking is whether or not this dip is going to...

Silver Price Reaction In Late April As Stocks Soar: Permanent Or Temporary?

The most important story of the week ended up not being in precious metals at all, but rather what happened to the stock market. That’s not unusual by any means, but even those who focus on precious metals like silver have had to shift their...

Silver Price Update

Short-term silver is on a sell signal. Silver is on a major buy signal since early 2016. Major signals can last for months...

Silver Price Manipulation…Is Regulation Putting A Stop To It?

Gold fixing in London at NM Rothschild and Sons began in September 1919. Simple economics tells us that markets and prices are driven by demand and supply. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case in the...

From Our Archives

The Fundamental Reason The Silver Price Will Explode Much Higher Than Gold

Investors need to understand an important fundamental reason why the silver price will explode much higher than gold. While many analysts state several reasons why silver will outperform going forward, I believe one vital fundamental factor is...

Silver Forecast: Silver Prices In Five Years?

What will the price of silver be in 2021? You can find articles suggesting the price of silver will be over $1,000 and under $10. Perhaps this is the wrong question.

Higher Silver Prices: The Fundamental Case

In our previous article, we discussed the technical case for a significant long-term bottom now being put into place in the silver market, of magnitude comparable to the bottom we saw in late 2008, which led to a 400% rally in silver, and over...

Silver Price Spikes, But What Demand

For a few frenzied minutes, while everyone was sleeping, the price of silver spiked 56 cents. Well, at least the West Coast of America was sleeping. It began at 8:30 in New York, where presumably most traders were not sleeping. And of course,...

Silver Price Forecast Per The Rule Of 7

"There appears to be no rhyme nor reason to The Rule of Seven, but is often surprisingly accurate in its predictions. It is based on the assumption that the initial leg of a new price trend reflects the potential power of the changing forces...

Why Should I Buy Silver?

Standing apart from herd is a difficult thing to do. Even more difficult when that herd-- at present-- has every reason to celebrate seemingly endless news highs in the stock market, an invincible market, it seems, that will forever be held up...

Silver Price Charts And Other Factors Say Now Is Time To Buy (Part 3)

To really appreciate how silver has demonstrated sterling performance since 2001, one must see the relative performance of other asset classes. Below is a Relative Performance chart (2001-2014) showing the Total Return of Silver vis-à-vis Gold...

Silver Price Charts And Other Factors Say Now Is Time To Buy (Part 2)

“Las Lágrimas de la Luna” could well reach $500/oz in the next few years. This expression is how ancient Incas of Peru referred to silver…”Tears From The Moon.” Although silver production is globally widespread, tiny Peru is the world’s...

Silver Price Charts & Other Factors Say Now Is Time To Buy (Part 1)

The Hebrew word for Silver is the same word that is used interchangeably for Money in the Torah and Old Holy Bible Testament: Silver metal = Kesef (כסף), which also means Money. Moreover, in all Hispanic countries the word for money is the...

Silver…The Investment Of A Lifetime

Even though its price has declined over 30% this year alone, silver remains the people’s metal. Silver remains a store of value when central planners try to inflate their way out of debt. Silver remains an asset for anyone who senses that...

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